Forms of repair work such as malfunction diagnostics are also becoming increasingly difficult in line with developments in electric vehicles and in safety functions and other forms of car electronics.
CMC XMANICOM assists automobile manufacturers and importers with the handling of inquiries made by dealerships.

We also analyze defect trends and other aspects based on information obtained in that process to help with quality improvement activities.

Assisting with problematic repairs for automobiles that arise in the market and helping with activities to improve quality

  • Repair Support for Dealerships

    ●Repair support for dealerships

    We provide advice on malfunction diagnostics for problematic repairs for automobiles that arise on the dealership side over telephone and an online system. (Technical Help Desk)
    When it is difficult to expect an early solution through the above actions, we visit the dealership and assist with the direction of the repairs. (Flying Doctor)
    For vehicles brought in by manufacturers (or importers) in cases such as when a detailed investigation is necessary, we perform investigation and repair work.

  • Quality Information-Gathering

    ●Quality information-gathering

    We investigate and analyze information and other takeaways obtained in the course of assisting dealerships and pass it on to our quality department. We analyze defect trends and other aspects based on our database to contribute to swift quality improvement activities.

  • Creation of Technical Materials

    ●Creation of technical materials

    CMC XMANICOM has a long established record of creating technical materials. We are also capable of creating any materials requiring specialized knowledge, including campaign guidelines and certification materials not mentioned in service manuals.

Languages Supported

  • Our engineers who are also well-versed in repairs of the latest mechanisms assist dealerships while making use of ICT tools

  • Operational support by specialists in our service/after-sales service department

  • Analyzing data obtained through routine operations and proposing improvements to quality and operations

Six Reasons Why Our Customers Go to CMC XMANICOM for Translations

  • Staff Who Possess Knowledge and Technical Skill Pertaining to Automobiles

    Staff Who Possess Knowledge and Technical Skill Pertaining to Automobiles

    Many nationally-certified mechanics and experienced dealership mechanics with manufacturer-designated mechanic certifications and other qualifications belong to CMC XMANICOM.

  • Operational Record in Our Service/After-Sales Service Department

    Operational Record in Our Service/After-Sales Service Department

    Our service/after-sales service department that handles importers has a storied record of operational support in technical areas. Our highly experienced staff is capable of handling a number of operations, from repair support and data analysis to the creation of technical materials.

  • Quality Improvement Initiatives

    Quality Improvement Initiatives

    We tackle improvements by sorting out and analyzing data and pursuing the causes of issues. We can also deploy that sorted-out data with the use of tools. (Application of one source, multi-use)

  • Highly Reliable and Safe Information Security

    Highly Reliable and Safe Information Security

    Information on quality that belongs to customers bears a high level of security, and we strictly manage that information accordingly. This means there is no need to be concerned about information leaks.

Languages Supported

  • step1

    Meetings and hearings

    We take the liberty of discussing the content and scale of operations as well as challenges and other associated aspects and prepare a proposal.

  • step2

    Proposal, quotation and order placement

    We make suggestions to our customers based on prices and a personnel framework that matches their needs.

  • step3

    Staff learning and mastery of operations

    We educate our staff in brand-specific areas such as differing names and product knowledge. Such training is regularly conducted after operations commence as well, not just before.

  • step4

    Commencement of operations

    While performing our day-to-day operations, we engage in improvement activities aimed at enhancing efficiency and promoting high precision. We are also capable of suggesting digital transformation (DX)minded operational improvements.


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