Privacy Policy

As a corporation that handles information for society, CMC XMANICOM Co., Ltd. has stipulated a policy for the protection of personal information and has established a sound nondisclosure framework.
Given the position of CMC XMANICOM Co., Ltd. as a corporation that handles information while placing the utmost priority on customer trust and satisfaction, the protection of personal information is one of the company’s highest priority management challenges. In order for us to properly protect personal information, we make the following privacy policy declarations below.
  1. We will properly handle the acquisition, use, provision, storing and disposing of personal information in order to protect the rights of the individual. When acquiring personal information, the purpose of use will be clearly defined and we will not use it for any other purposes other than the one specified.
  2. We will comply with laws and standards regarding the handling of personal information.
  3. We will comply with internal regulations that establish appropriate acquisition, use, provision, storage and disposal of personal information.
  4. We recognize the risks of unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, leakage, alteration, destruction, and non-authorized use, and will take necessary and appropriate safety control measures to prevent any occurrence as well as take appropriate measures regarding corrective action.
  5. We will appropriately respond to inquiries, complaints, consultations, requests, etc. from individuals concerned about the handling of personal information.
  6. We will continue to improve the personal information protection management system.
  7. We treat personal ID numbers and specific personal information (hereinafter referred to as "specific personal information, etc. ") as follows.
    We will comply with relevant laws and guidelines such as "Laws concerning the use of ID numbers to identify specific individuals in administrative procedures ".
    For safety management measures such as specific personal information, we will identify physical locations, take physical measures, and regularly conduct training for employees.