As a solution creator, we will continue to contribute to the development of the global society, aiming to be a 100-year company through prompt implementation of the four desirable forms.
  • Partner Spirits

    We will continue to be a partner company with a professional perspective, firm beliefs and sincere communication.
  • Market-oriented

    We will continue to be a company that can create unique value by realizing marketable solutions.
  • New Technology

    We will continue to be a company that can increase it’s value by exploring, acquiring and applying advanced technology.
  • International Competitiveness

    We will continue to be a company that can provide superiority and diversity by utilizing global resources.


We set forth a Quality Policy in order to supply high-quality documents to our customers.
We will improve conformance with requirements and the effectiveness of quality management systems on an ongoing basis with customer satisfaction as our number-one priority. We will configure and implement quality targets in order to achieve our Quality Policy and regularly review them through means such as management reviews. We will use the below items as our basis upon formulating quality targets.
  • We will proactively grasp customer needs and incorporate them into our work.
  • We will elicit customer trust through proposal efforts that we preempt our competitors with.
  • We will pursue and achieve improved productivity and cost reductions.
  • We will realize competitive products through wisdom and ideas.
  • We will refine the abilities of our individual employees and demonstrate team capability.