Digitization has also brought about significant changes in the way content is provided.
In the future, content must be provided and managed with a greater awareness of user behavior.

Inpursuit of the best way to communicate,
leave it to CMC XMANICOM Inc.
to provide manuals from the user's point of view

  • technical writing

    ●Technical Writing

    Writing will be conducted by staff with product and technical knowledge.
    Through information from design and product coverage, we seek to provide accurate and easy-to-understand information.

  • editing

    ●Content Design

    We can support production in a variety of applications, including Microsoft Office, Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, XML-DITA and automated typesetting.

    We propose production methods that can accommodate customer requests and ongoing reuse of content.

    In addition, we seek to provide easy-to-understand illustrations that anticipate usage scenarios.

  • one-source multi-use

    ●One-source, multi-use

    We will reuse the data you provide and propose more optimal content solutions with an awareness of one-source, multi-use.

  • localization

    ●For localizationmore information

    We support the success of our customers' global business by meeting a wide range of translation needs.

Languages Supported

  • Pursue clarity of content

  • Knowledge of products and technologies developed through writing and production

  • Provide content solutions with an awareness of one-source, multi-use

  • Planning and providing content tailored to user behavior

  • Content management with data reuse in mind

Six Reasons to Choose Maruboshi Translations

  • Support by staff with extensive product and technical knowledge

    Support by staff with extensive product and technical knowledge

    We have technical writers with basic automotive knowledge, such as experienced auto mechanics, who can decipher highly specialized technical documents.

    1. The drafting of the removal and installation procedures will be explained in a manner that is easy to understand, with an awareness of serviceability and procedures that take into account even the most basic of tricks.
    2. Devise safe, efficient, and accurate failure diagnosis procedures.
    3. We will propose user-conscious content in terms of searchability and information volume.

  • High information organization capacity and high quality initiatives

    High information organization capacity and high quality initiatives

    We specialize in obtaining large amounts of product information from customers and organizing the information needed to prepare manuscripts from that information.
    We work to create manuscripts with customer requirements and usability in mind.

    In addition, we have established a check process within the group to enhance the quality of our products and provide the quality expected by our customers. There is no need to worry about information leaks because of strict confidentiality management.
    We conduct quality maintenance activities with our own quality control objectives.

  • We have extensive experience in manual illustration for major manufacturers!

    We have a lot of experience at
    Manual illustrations for major manufacturers!

    We have a group of knowledgeable and experienced production staff who provide illustrations from the user's point of view, with the first priority being ease of understanding.
    We work closely with our clients to create illustrations that meet their needs, from a single piece to large quantities.

  • Award-winning experience in Japan Manual Contest

    Award-winning experience in Japan Manual Contest

    The Nissan LEAF manual, for which CMC XMANICON Corporation (*1) was involved in document production, won the "Grand Prize" and "Safety Prize" in the general paper manual category at the Japan Manual Contest 2014 (*2) at the same time.

    *1. company name at the time of 2014: Maruboshi Corporation
    *2. sponsor: Technical Communicators Association

Languages Supported

  • step1

    Meetings and hearings

    We handle a variety of manual-related tasks. Please feel free to contact us first. We conduct a wide range of interviews with customers about their current situation and what they want to achieve.

  • step2

    Proposal, quotation, order placement

    Planning (specifications, schedule, cost, and structure) to realize the customer's requirements. Upon reaching a consensus at the meeting, the details of the request will be finalized and an order will be placed.

  • step3


    Our professional and knowledgeable staff will create content based on your proposal. We will complete the content, reflecting customer reviews.

  • step4

    Delivery and follow-up

    We analyze end-user inquiries to improve the content we provide. We also help manufacturers reduce man-hours by enhancing their websites, such as FAQs, and improving searchability.


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