The sales frontlines are currently experiencing various shifts in their surrounding environment,
making a revision of learning into an optimal configuration suitable for a new era a pressing need.

Call on CMC XMANICOM Co., Ltd. for services to optimize distributor learning and drive DX of education in this new era

  • Consulting for Rebuilding Learning Systems and Qualification Systems

    ●Consulting for rebuilding

    learning systems and qualification systems

    We optimize internal certification programs and develop learning materials for each occupational category at distributors. We define certification levels and learning systems, determine certification methods, define development approaches, and provide support up to the development of optimal learning materials.

  • Promotion of Intensive Training Conducted Online

    ●Promotion of intensive

    training conducted online

    We design learning that can be tied into the maximization of learning effects and the improvement of participant performance.

    • Development of training preparation through means such as live streaming and e-learning
    • Implementation of consistently engaging training
      that incorporates participatory discussions and gamification
    • Posterior learning based on practice on the frontlines for the purpose of entrenching takeaways
    • Follow-up that boosts participants’ level of understanding

    We optimize training suitable for our current times by incorporating these elements.

  • ICT Tool Introduction Support

    ●ICT tool introduction support

    The number of distributors introducing the use of ICT tools in order to enhance their work efficiency is on the rise.

    • Business talk management tools/customer management systems
      – sales force (SFA)
      – Management of customers to whom deliveries have already/not been made
    • Business talk support and finance tools
      – Tablets that allow explanations to be made to customers using videos even without the actual vehicle present
      – Assistance with enhancing the efficiency of quotation and contract-forming operations

    We contribute to the enhancement of work efficiency at distributors by providing easy-to-understand content and conducting learning tailored to individual distributor challenges in order to facilitate understanding and utilization of ICT tools.

  • Data Analysis

    ●Data analysis

    We analyze learning status, test scores, questionnaires and other forms of data to extract challenges and propose measures for improvement.

Languages Supported

  • Implementation of online training in a post-COVID-19 environment

  • Reduction of work hours through work style reforms and enhancement of the efficiency of and optimization of training in line with that reduction

  • Rebuilding of development programs for bringing down employee turnover rates and individual optimization of learning

  • Provision of services that boast high value-added to customers through our record and knowhow in the various forms of distributor learning that we have had involvement in up to this point as well as the use of ICT tools

Six Reasons why Our Customers Go to CMC XMANICOM for Translations

  • Course design to accompany transition to online

    We provide support from the present-situation analysis, goal-setting and planning stages.

    Our staff with thorough familiarity with distributor operations, particularly those in the automobile industry, implement from the consulting phase and clarify targets and goals.

  • Development of content mindful of participant experience

    We reconfigure learning systems and optimal internal certification programs for each occupational category.

    Staff with insight in the nature of operations at distributors and their operational processes provide effective certification programs and learning materials tailored to the environment of distributors.

  • Operation support framework for online training

    We assist with systems for making the implementation and management of learning and certification programs more efficient from the design to the operation and management stages.

    We realize an ideal management approach using a learning management system to achieve learning in line with the needs of each individual learner.

  • Course design to accompany transition to online

    Course design to accompany transition to online

    We attend actual training sessions, conduct hearings with instructors, and extract challenges to ascertain the current state of and analyze intensive training. After doing so, we substitute intensive training in line with the promotion of online implementation and design courses based on implementation challenges.

  • Development of content mindful of participant experience

    Development of content mindful of participant experience

    Generally speaking, simply taking existing intensive training online is not enough to elevate participants’ level of understanding. For that reason, we propose the development of content the emphasizes bidirectional communication aimed at individual participants so that they can focus on the training at hand.

  • Operation support framework for online training

    Operation support framework for online training

    We propose consistent support frameworks that start with the development of instructors for online training and extend to the holding of pre-session rehearsals, suggestions for advance preparations that include PC peripherals for distributors, participant support on the training day proper, and post-training follow-up.

  • Course design to accompany transition to online

    Thorough familiarity with both distributor business and ICT tools

    CMC XMANICOM staff who have been involved with distributor support operations over many years, including those who previously worked at distributors, widely conduct hearings on areas such as the challenges of distributors who seek to resolve them through the introduction of ICT tools, the ideal shape of those distributors, and the IT level of the staff who belong there. We also form a grasp of specifications of the ICT tools to be implemented after asking developers to provide a pilot environment for those tools. Based on these multiple forms of information, we propose optimal problem-solving plans to customers that include the provision of content and learning approaches.

  • Development of content mindful of participant experience

    Provision of easy-to-understand content

    Based on our knowhow in our company’s forte of manual creation, we supply easy-to-understand information to end users in an optimal configuration.

    • User manuals
    • Situation-specific utilization guides and quick reference guides
    • e-learning
    • Video content and XR content
    • Websites

    Entrust the entire process to CMC XMANICOM, starting with configuring the outline and extending to writing, creating illustrations, capturing and processing screens, preparing flow diagrams, creating synthetic voices, and conducting various forms of editing work.

  • Operation support framework for online training

    Implementation of training and coaching tailored to distributor challenges

    The challenges and ideal shape of distributors differ from location to location.

    • Rules for use not enforced due to feelings that ICT tools are difficult to deal with
    • Desire to realize the visualization of areas not achieved and areas not started on and to accelerate the management of KPI/activities, etc.

    We analyze challenges at each distributor and propose training programs to maximize the effects of ICT tools as well as coaching programs through which distributors extract actions plans for realizing their ideal shape from their existing processes of their own accord.

  • Operation support framework for online training

    Operation support through help desk and FAQ

    The introduction of ICT tools at distributors is invariably accompanied by inquiries from those distributors. When they are too great in number, inquiries significantly constrict the man-hours of manufacturer personnel. CMC XMANICOM staff with detailed knowledge of ICT tools realize reductions in those man-hours by manning the help desk and providing speedy responses. Moreover, we endeavor to further reduce the number of inquiries by establishing a FAQ site. We are successfully linking the effective utilization of inquiry data to the correction and improvement of content to follow.

  • Course design to accompany transition to online

    Analysis and proposals with a view to the foundation of learning

    The support provided by CMC XMANICOM starts with the formation of learning systems. This is precisely why we conduct analysis and proposals from a working-level perspective that takes context, conditions and objectives into full consideration.

  • Development of content mindful of participant experience

    Swift PDCA cycles

    We incorporate the results of our analysis into the frontlines without delay by coordinating with each team from the formation to the production and implementation stages.

  • Operation support framework for online training

    Leave everything, from data cleansing to visualization, in CMC XMANICOM’s capable hands

    We propose data cleansing and categorization that conform to the actual situation. Additionally, we accommodate visualized reporting using BI tools.

  • Operation support framework for online training

    Effective utilization of data on the learning frontlines

    We provide data to learners, instructors and personnel in charge of learning for them to utilize in improving performance.

    Perspective of learners

    • Recapping, spreading, supplementing and conveying learning

    Perspective of instructors

    • Ability to give meticulous instruction and support, grow themselves, and share knowhow

    Perspective of personnel in charge of learning

    • Ability to compare data for each area and department, improve measures, and provide support based on the learning situation

Languages Supported

  • step1

    Meetings and hearings

    We engage in various operations related to assistance with distributor learning. Feel free to consult with CMC XMANICOM as the first step in the process. We will widely conduct hearings with customers on areas such as the challenges of distributors who seek to resolve them and the ideal shape of those distributors.

  • step2

    Proposal, quotation and order placement

    We conduct planning that addresses specifications, scheduling, cost and framework to successfully address your needs. Orders are placed with us after the nature of requests has been finalized based on the consensus formed at the meetings in Step 1.

  • step3

    Design, development and execution

    In the design phase, we analyze the content of the hearings in Step 1 and design an overall image and accompanying outline that cover course sequence and curriculum. Based on the nature of that design, we identify the necessary content and proceed with development while incorporating your reviews.

  • step4

    Improvements and after-sales follow-up

    We analyze learning data and competently tie the results into improvements to learning and training. In addition to improving content development, we supply learners, instructors and personnel in charge of learning with data for them to utilize in improving performance. Additionally, by conducting an after-sales follow-up through wide-ranging means that include a FAQ, a help desk and secretariat operations, we contribute to reductions in man-hours on your personnel side.


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