Challenges surrounding translation and localization are increasing today more than ever
due to shorter lead times and the popularization of agile development.
In times such as these, our translation services,
through which we have supported our customers’ overseas operations in a myriad of business categories over decades,will prove beneficial.

We help customers succeed in their global business
by meeting a wide range of translation needs.

  • Translation and Localization

    ●Translation and localization

    From automobiles and mechanical and electronic equipment to IT and software, translation services offered by CMC XMANICOM have been praised in many areas for years by our global customers based in Japan and overseas.

    Through an abundance of resources and close collaboration with our overseas sites that cover China and the rest of Asia as well as Europe, we offer multilingual support in over 50 languages, starting with English and German. Providing speedy, high quality translations is our specialty.

  • Machine Translation and Post-Editing

    ●Machine translation and post-editing

    CMC XMANICOM has gotten a head start on the rest of the industry in verifying and implementing machine translation. By combining post-editing, quality assurance checking and other processes, we meet our customers’ need to guarantee a certain level of quality while keeping costs down. When the quality generated by mechanical translations is unsatisfactory, call upon CMC XMANICOM. We will apply our thorough knowledge of the properties of machine translation to handle everything from the development of a dedicated model for customers to customization.

  • Translation Memories and Glossaries

    ●Translation memories and glossaries

    Industrial documents contain considerable repetition. We can help reduce costs, shorten delivery deadlines and improve quality by accumulating once-translated text and reusing it in the form of “translation memories.” Upon performing translations, we also refer to “glossaries” containing key terms and proper nouns to prevent inconsistencies in and mistranslations of expressions. For customers who do not have a glossary, we help them create one. Translation memories and glossaries constitute important translation assets of the customer. CMC XMANICOM possesses the knowhow to appropriately manage and grow those assets.

Languages Supported

  • Realization of the best practices matched with customers’ needs, such as those for large-scale projects and cost-cutting

  • Support offered in over 50 languages by coordinating with CMC Group sites around the world

  • Creation of translation memories and glossaries and appropriate management and operation of them as translation assets of the customer

  • Constant performance of consistent quality control for all projects and languages in line with the given requirements

  • Introduction of the use of the latest technologies, such as customized machine translation and natural language processing

Six Reasons Why Our Customers Go to CMC XMANICOM for Translations

  • Strict Quality Control

    Strict quality control

    At standard translation companies, translation checking consists of roughly two processes at the most. At CMC XMANICOM, checking is separated in up to four or five processes consisting of language proofreading, spell checking, style checking, native checking, technical proofreading, and pre-delivery checking. Multiple checkers check for errors and mistakes based on items set forth in a check sheet. Furthermore, we also prevent outflows of errors that we may have visually overlooked somehow with the use of dedicated software.

  • Formidable Support of Forays into Overseas Markets with Multilingual Translations

    Formidable support of forays into overseas markets with multilingual translations

    In rolling out products and services overseas, translations of catalogs, manuals, e-learning, websites and other material into local languages are indispensable. CMC XMANICOM puts its full effort behind assisting customers with the success of their global business by linking up with its group sites overseas to speedily translate such documents into multiple languages.

  • Adept at Highly Specialized Translations as Well

    Adept at highly specialized translations as well

    Numerous specialized translators with a wealth of experience in various sectors are registered with CMC XMANICOM, which ensures the accurate use of expressions and phrases specific to those sectors. Additionally, for instruction and service manuals and other documents, auto mechanics and other certified individuals and engineers possessing specialized knowledge perform technical proofreading. The key to our approach is to give manual text a highly practical finish that can be read and understood by anyone rather than simply ensuring its linguistic and technical correctness.

  • Meticulous Handling Tailored to Individual Customers

    Meticulous handling tailored to individual customers

    CMC XMANICOM proposes optimal translation plans in accordance to customer needs with no sacrifice made in quality, cost or speed. Dedicated customer teams made up of a sales representative, a project manager, translators and checkers are put together. Members with full knowledge of the requirements of customers handle their requests no matter when they are made.

  • A Development Team with Advanced Technological Prowess

    A development team with advanced technological prowess

    Projects with multiple requirements such as unique XML or special file formats include the participation of system engineers and programmers. Feel free to consult with CMC XMANICOM regarding documents that other translation companies find difficult to handle. Even in cases involving large-scale translation projects or those with short delivery deadlines, we optimize production progress through tool development and customization tailored to customer requirements.

Languages Supported

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    “We have the need for translation and localization services.”
    “We’re not satisfied with quality or price point of our current translation company.”
    “We want to keep translation costs down by using machine translation.”
    Feel free to consult with CMC XMANICOM if any of the above apply. A sales representative will get back to you.

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    After you provide us with the documents to be translated and any translation memories, glossaries and other materials, we will prepare a quotation. We will propose an optimal plan in accordance with your needs. We will also suggest a variety of ancillary services, such as the creation of a new glossary, in order to further improve translation quality.

  • step3

    Trial translation

    For customers who wish to verify in advance whether the translations CMC XMANICOM offers satisfy their requirements, we conduct trial translations of short sample texts. This enables customers to get an actual feel of the quality we offer before entering a contract with us. *Certain conditions must be met for the provision of trial translations. Please contact us for details.

  • step4

    Official contract

    A dedicated team will handle your account after you officially enter a contract with CMC XMANICOM. Feel free to call on us to take care of any translation needs you may have.


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